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Kachchi is spoken in the Kutch district of Gujarat and the Sindh region of Pakistan. Different scripts are used to write Kachchi in different areas - the Gujarati script in India and a Perso-Arabic script in Pakistan. Most speakers of Kachchi will also speak at least one other language, such as Gujarati, fluently. The language has borrowed words from its neighbours, including Sindhi, Gujarati and Rajasthani. Efforts to preserve the language have been ongoing for the last 50 years and have included attempts to offer Kachchi as a language of study at school.

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Fun facts — Kachchi

  • In India, Kachchi is written using a version of the Gujarati script. It also borrows some vocabulary from Sindhi, Rajasthani and Gujarati.
  • There are many ways to write the name in English, including Kachchi, Kutchi, Kachchhi, Kachi, Katch and Cutchi.
  • Kutch, the name of the region where Kachchi is spoken, means 'marshland'.

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